Friday, August 24, 2007

Student Newspapers Around the World: Gair Rhydd

Ever wonder what student newspapers are like in other parts of the world? I do, so I've started poking around on the Internet in search of English-language papers in other countries. I thought I'd share what I find with a new occasional feature, Student Newspapers Around the World.

One of my new favorites is Gair Rhydd, the weekly student newspaper at Cardiff University. The paper serves a community of 25,000 students and 5,000 faculty in the center of Wales' capital city and it has a sophisticated, cosmopolitan tone. Gair rhydd means "Free Word" in Welsh, and the paper has a strong tradition of independence.

The paper's Web site is clear and easy to navigate, with special sections for Science & Environment, Jobs & Money, Media, Politics, Health, as well as the usual sports, opinion, A&E and news sections. There's even a special section, Taf Od, written in Welsh. The paper also has a lively letters section.

Gair Rhydd's magazine Quench, offers a somewhat lighter, brighter look at Cardiff University life.

Gair Rhydd clearly takes its watchdog role seriously; it has a special Investigations section. The newspaper has done investigative reports on inadequate access for disabled students, identity theft and legislation allowing universities to spy on students.

Gair Rhydd has been on summer hiatus since June. We look forward to seeing new content up on the Web site soon. We wish our student newspaper friends in Wales all the best for the coming school year.

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Anonymous said...

How about The Saint, at the University of St Andrews? One of only three truly (ie financially as well as editorially) independent student newspapers in the UK. See more at

craj said...

As I went through this blog I wished to inform you that we do have a bilingual (Nepali+English) university Newsletter. (you can access it here if you wish
its a blog of media students' network of Nepal and the newsletter is published by Media Studies Group (MSG) i.e. Kathmandu University media students.