Friday, August 03, 2007

First Story of the Month Winner

I've been thinking of starting Story of the Month and Photo of the Month contests in the fall. But I saw such a good story on the Brown Daily Herald site today that I decided to start a month early.

Stu Woo of the Herald staff wrote a compelling profile of Reade Seligmann, one of the Duke Lacrosse players who was charged with and then acquitted of rape. Seligmann decided to leave Duke and transfer to Brown. The story is an excellent example of narrative writing and includes great scenes and description. Check out "Exonerated Duke suspect awaits fresh start at Brown." He also shot the environmental portrait that goes with the story.

Kudos to Stu Woo, our first Story of the Month winner!

Stu--If you're out there, send us a message about how you got the story and we'll post it on The Student Newspaper Survival Blog. If you can, send a photo of yourself, too.

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There's a mention of the Brown Daily Herald story, as well as an interesting discussion of some of the issues it raises, at the Chronicle of Higher Education news blog at