Thursday, August 30, 2007

MTV to air series on high school newspaper

MTV has given the green light to “The Paper,” an eight-part series following the staff of a real high school newspaper.

The unscripted series will follow students working on The Circuit, the award-winning newspaper at Cypress Bay High School in Weston, Fla. The series is scheduled to air in the winter of 2008.

"Reality shows are so often stupid,” Cypress Bay journalism teacher Rhonda Weiss told The Miami Herald. “These kids are really bright. It's nice to see the focus on these kids,"

Executive producer Marshall Eisen told Variety that MTV is avoiding the phrase "reality series" for this show. Rather than fabricating a drama, the producers found a high school newsroom and filmed it. "It's more of a docu-series, where we're talking about the lives of our participants," Variety quotes Eisen as saying. "And it's just a great way to get inside high school."

"The Paper" is produced by MTV News and Docs, the "serious" branch of MTV.

The Miami Herald has an audio interview with Amanda Lorber, editor in chief of The Circuit.

We'd love to hear from the staff of The Circuit about their MTV experience. Post a comment below.


Jenna said...

Great article... i'm the graphics editor this year for The Circuit.
It's been an awesome experience having MTV around.
Even though i'm not one of the main four "characters", it's still a been a roller coaster ride of a year!

I think people will be really suprised when they see the show... we are NO Laguna Beach.
But that doesn't mean we aren't hysterically funny and entertaining.

Stay tuned it airs in January!

: )
Jenna R

Anonymous said...

Hey there! It's Cassia, entertainment editor of The Circuit. I am one of the "seven characters" being followed around by cameras, but I really hope that this new show focuses on our entire staff, and not just the select few. We really are a great bunch of kids: intelligent, opinionated, funny, and diverse. I hope the show is as much fun as our crazy bunch is!

As far as we can tell, the show is completely REAL: no scripts, no glamor, and no acting. How they edit the tapes is up to them i guess. O well, that's all I've got for tonight...hopefully our award-winning paper will capture America's interest as it has done with our 5500 readers :)
Peace and Love,

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone!

I'm Adam and I am also a main character on the show. It is such a great experience to have MTV at our school filming intelligent students. Hopefully with this show, we can redefine the word "cool" and bring new life to the kids of MTV.


Thanks for that great write up!

Anonymous said...

I'm Dan Suarez and I'm the webmaster of The Circuit.

I was just commenting to let you know that you have a link and a photo of our old website which hasn't been updated since last year. You can find us online at

Please make the change as we do not want any false information published about our publication. Thanks for your cooperation.

Anonymous said...

Hey there, I am a student at cypress bay high school, i am a junior and i have seen the mtv crew around the school alot of time, they even film me. i hope they put my part on the show. anyways, i am really happy that they choose our school to do this show, even though our school has more then 5,000 students. so not all of us can be on the show :(. but its ok, the "seven main characters" are going to represent our school and thats a great thing since they are really nice people.

peace and lovee to all. ;]

Anonymous said...

I'm a former student at Cypress, I just transferred to a new school a couple weeks ago and I can't wait to see all my friends around the school and one of my friends is in Newspaper so maybe I'll get to see her. Best luck to everyone!

Anonymous said...

I am a student at Everglades High school and Hard News Editor at my schools newspaper. It is a shame that MTV did not film us. We could have showed them how true journalist act. Don't get sad when your show gets cancled.
Proud to be part of GATOR BITES!!! Best high school newspaper in Broward!