Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Snap shots

I've been wondering for awhile about those cool little pop-up windows that appear on some Web sites and blogs like the Center for Innovation in College Media and College Media Advisers Web sites.

Well, now I know how to do it and I've added the feature to The Student Newspaper Survival Blog. It's a snap! Literally. offers these little visual previews of sites you link to. It's easy to put the feature on a blog or Web site; just follow the directions at the company's Web site.

My question for you readers is this: Do you like Snap Shots or do you find them annoying? Do they enhance your experience of this blog and others? Post a comment and let me know.

Another new development for The Student Newspaper Survival Blog: We've been added to the College Media Advisers site. Now you can read the six most recent headlines from the CMA site and instantly link to our blog. Thanks to Bill Neville and the folks at CMA for including our blog on the Web site.

Remember that you can also subscribe to the blog by email and get updates sent directly to your computer. Just type your email address in the box to the right.


Anonymous said...

Snapshots are a really cool feature. It's nice to provide a preview of a link so you can have a chance to see if it would be useful. I really like your blog -- it's full of good information and hints. Wish I were a college newspaper editor -- I think I'd find it really helpful. -- Debbie

Anonymous said...

Ugh...Snap shots are probably the most annoying thing to happen to the web since pop-up ads. I've stopped going to several sites that use them. Supposedly, you can turn them off with a cookie, but they always seem to come back again.