Friday, October 05, 2007

Rocky Mountain Collegian editor keeps job

The editor of The Rocky Mountain Collegian, who sparked a national debate about college press freedom after writing an editorial that said "Taser this... Fuck Bush," will keep his job, according to a ruling from a student-run governing board.

The Board of Student Communications (BSC) at Colorado State University publicly admonished Collegian Editor-in-Chief J. David McSwane at a meeting Thursday night, but it decided not to fire him because "the September 21 editorial was an expression of opinion, which we regard as protected by the First Amendment," the board said in a statement.

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Whether you supported The Rocky Mountain Collegian or thought it played an immature stunt, you gotta admit the paper did launch important discussion about the freedom of the student press. Here are some of the editorials college newspapers ran this week in response:

Did your student newspaper run an editorial commenting on The Rocky Mountain Collegian case? Post a link in a message here.

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