Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Drunken humor newspaper causes stir

The Booze News, a humor/drinking publication that claims to offer "today's news... under the influence," is causing a ruckus around several large Midwestern universities.

The paper was launched in 2004 by University of Illinois seniors Atish Doshi and Derek Chin. This fall it expanded to five more universities: Illinois State University, Indiana University at Bloomington, the University of Iowa, the University of Missouri at Columbia and the University of Wisconsin at Madison. The newspaper is distributed in bars and businesses that serve the campuses.

In an interview with CNN, Doshi said he expects to expand to another dozen campuses in the next year.

Recent headlines include: "Top 10 Completely Valid Reasons to Get Drunk on a Wednesday," "How You Got Kicked Out of the Bar Last Night" and "SEX AND THE U: Sex and Beer, Sex and Beer, the Two Things I Hold Dear."

But not everyone appreciates the newspaper's particular brand of beer-chugging humor.

A Booze News book review about interracial gay adoption that referred to the two male parents as "freaks" sparked protest at the University of Missouri. A university official there asked student leaders to boycott businesses the circulate the publication, according to The Maneater, one of two student newspapers serving the Columbia campus.

Several downtown business owners have reportedly tossed the free paper.

The Booze News' response?

"These so-called 'calls to action' by The University of Missouri and Columbia residents, which are intended to nanny college students and keep them out of harms way are out-dated and misinformed. We believe college is a time of self-expression and self-discovery and attempting to inhibit the actions of the individuals who make up that society by ridiculing newspapers such as ours is not only unjust, it is unrealistic."

Check out a video about the controversial newspaper at The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet.

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