Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The rise of alternative student media

Inside HigherEd.com ran an interesting piece last week about alternative student publications that seem to be “going beyond what the mainstream, professional press was addressing,” according to Dan Reimold, a journalism Ph.D. candidate at Ohio University.

The article notes that these new publications, both print and online, are less chained to the conventions of mainstream journalism and may be more able to experiment and innovate.

Among the publications cited as examples are:
  • SpartanEdge, a video-heavy online publication at Michigan State University (the Web site's tag line: "The future of online campus news is now.")

  • The Big Green, also a member of Michigan State's Alternative Media Alliance

  • unbound at the College of New Jersey

  • Speakeasy at Ohio University

  • NU Comment at Northwestern University.

Are you working on a new student publication? Tell us about it by posting a comment here.


Damon W said...

We have a relatively new student publication here at the University of Vermont called The Water Tower. It's a weekly "alternative" to the mainstream campus newspaper. You can find us at http://www.thewatertowernews.com

Rachele Kanigel said...

Cool! Thanks for sharing it. Keep us posted on what you're up to.

Broadside Online said...

The small staff of Broadside Online (George Mason online paper, companion to the print edition) is undergoing a massive, highly caffeinated lurch towards online innovation. You might want to check us out at broadsideonline.com.

We've posted police blotter and orientation maps, countless videos, a handful of blogs and comments (now! finally!).

We do it all by hand, no College Publisher involvement. What better way to learn about managing a website than doing it yourself.

Feel free to email me with any suggestions. I'm short-staffed and over-stressed, but always looking for good feedback and cool new ideas.


Whitney Rhodes
Broadside Online
Managing Editor

Miles Skorpen said...

About ten years ago, the Daily Gazette [daily.swarthmore.edu] started up as an online only alternative to the main print campus weekly. We've recently re-designed and are finally moving beyond sports and art reviews.

robert gehl said...

I'm the editor of an alternative student newspaper at the West campus of Arizona State University (www.atwestnews). We've encountered much pushback from the "official" student media organization, but we've managed to print regular newspapers for 18 months now and are still going strong.