Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Kashmir university students launch newspaper

Students at Kashmir University launched the university's first student newspaper today, according to an article in Greater Kashmir.

The Student Herald, a weekly newspaper, will be produced by students at the university's Media Education Research Centre.

According to an article in Kashmir Newz, four students decided to start their own paper after the Media Education Research Centre failed to respond to students' demand for one. The centre produces an annual journal Media Times. "In absence of a news room, the foursome of Mohammad Numan, Zahid Rafiq, Tasim Zahid and Danish Nabi, the second semester students of MERC, are seen working on their laptop computers under the shade of majestic Chinar trees in the Naseem Bagh on the banks of world famous Dal Lake," the article says.

The Kashmir University administration has expressed support for the new newspaper.

"It is indeed heartening to find that students of Media Education Research Centre have planned to publish a weekly newspaper edited by students themselves," Professor Abdul Wahid Qureshi, vice chancellor of Kashmir University, writes in the first issue of the newspaper. "In this development, I find a dream coming true as bringing out a regular publication by our media students has been one of our cherished desires. I hope the students will run the publication in a truly professional manner. I have no doubt that this new venture and the practical training that it involves will greatly help these students to sharpen their professional skills before they face the challenging task lying ahead."

The first edition is a four-page black and white newspaper. No word on a Web site yet, but give them time.

We welcome The Student Herald to the fold of college newspapers! Keep us posted on your progress.

NOTE: This story has been corrected, thanks to messages from a student giving us the correct name of the newspaper and of one of the students involved. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

i am a part of the newspaper team. and it is not "the campus herald", it is "the student herald"

it is completely a student initiative and will help in bringing forth the student issues

wish The Student Herald all the very best of luck


Rachele Kanigel said...

Thanks! We've made the correction. Can you tell us more about your decision to start the paper? We'd love to get a PDF or an image of the paper we can share here. Do you have plans to develop a Web site, too? Would you be willing to do an e-mail Question and Answer about the new newspaper? If so, please write to

Anonymous said...

it is tasim zahid and not qasim zahid, dear rachele


Seth Patinkin said...

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Anonymous said...

hey heres our website

please do help with your suggestions

Anonymous said...

I am not sure if there is a problem, but there is already a student publication called The Student Herald. Please contact so that you need not start a publication and have a name change. All the best for your venture!