Monday, October 18, 2010

Contest for student photojournalists

I'm looking for a photo for the cover of the second edition of The Student Newspaper Survival Guide, so I'm organizing a contest. The winner will get a $50 prize, two copies of the book -- one for the photographer and one for the student newspaper of his/her choice -- and the satisfaction of knowing he or she is inspiring the next generation of student journalists.

You can see the image from the first edition of the book here.

What I'm looking for this time around is a photo that says: STUDENT JOURNALIST AT WORK. Ideally this will be a shot of a photographer or reporter (or multiple student journalists) covering a campus news event. It could be a rally or a speech or a crime scene but it should look like a news event on a college campus. Ideally I'm looking for a horizontal, but a vertical shot might work.

I'd also consider the approach of the original cover -- a campus news event without the student journalist in the photo. In that case I would want a great shot of something that says: NEWS EVENT ON A COLLEGE CAMPUS.

It can be something that's already been shot or something that is shot for this purpose. The photo should look natural and candid -- nothing staged or posed, no smiling for the camera. It should look real.

Deadline: Nov. 15.

Please email submissions to me at kanigel at

Thanks. I look forward to seeing your entries.

Note: If no appropriate image is submitted, no prizes will be awarded.

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