Tuesday, October 26, 2010

National College Media Convention sessions on study/work abroad

Hope to meet many of you at the Associated Collegiate Press/College Media Advisers National College Media Convention in Louisville later this week.
Journalism educators and students who are interested in studying or working abroad should know about two sessions -- one geared toward advisers and one for students. Dan Reimold of College Media Matters, who has taught in Singapore, and I will present at both sessions.

I'll be presenting information about the Institute for Education in International Media (ieiMedia)'s summer programs in Istanbul, Turkey; Perpignan, France; and Urbino, Italy at both sessions. Students in these four-week programs not only study media skills and the local language and culture but they produce online and sometimes print publications about the communities they are living in.

Please tell your students, friends and colleagues and refer them to the ieimedia website (http://ieimedia.com) for more information.

Thursday, Oct. 28
9-9:50 a.m.

International Teaching/Research Opportunities for Journalism Educators
Collins, 2nd Floor
Many journalism educators dream of teaching or doing research abroad. Where do you find these opportunities? Is there funding? How difficult is it to step away from your regular life -- and then step back in?  Bob Bergland of Missouri Western University, Dan Reimold and I will share tips on breaking into the world of international education.

Saturday, Oct. 30
1:30-2:20 p.m.

Study/Work Abroad Opportunities for Students

McCreary, 3rd Floor (Conservatory/Skywalk Level)
Do you fantasize about becoming a foreign correspondent? Do you hope to study abroad? Representatives of several international programs for students will describe opportunities to study overseas, with a focus on media-related internships and field-study programs. Patrick Armstrong, a student who participated in ieiMedia's Urbino Project in 2009, will share his experiences studying in Italy.

IeiMedia, which has been co-sponsoring programs with San Francisco State University for the past two years, is expanding this year and forging partnerships with Iowa State University, James Madison University and other schools. The organization is also hiring instructors for summer programs abroad. Read more about these job and institutional partnership opportunities.

Interested students and journalism educators can contact me by leaving a voicemail message in my room at the Galt House (502) 589-5200 or contacting me on Twitter @ieimedia.

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