Sunday, September 23, 2007

Student reporter embedded in Iraq

It all started with a story he was writing for The Daily Princetonian.

Last fall, Wesley Morgan, then a Princeton freshman and a cadet in the university's ROTC program, interviewed a lieutenant general named David Petraeus for a profile he was writing for the Princeton student newspaper.

Little did the young reporter know that the plum interview would lead to a summer of reporting in Iraq.

Morgan continued to write about Petraeus as he was promoted to four-star general and commander of the U.S. forces in Iraq.

"When Petraeus had been in command in Iraq for a few weeks, I emailed him for help in finding an interesting internship for the summer," Morgan wrote last week in the first of a series of columns to be published in The Daily Princetonian. "His reply: Sure, he could suggest an internship, but wouldn't I rather go to Iraq? Well, of course I would — wouldn't you?"

Morgan had difficulty making all the arrangements but Bill Roggio, a conservative blogger affiliated with The Weekly Standard, stepped in, offering to help him get to Iraq. On July 23, armed with the latest Harry Potter book, Morgan boarded a plane to London and then made a connecting flight to Kuwait.

Morgan spent five weeks embedded with different units in Iraq, recording his observations in a blog, Notes from Downrange.

Meanwhile, his story has been picked up by The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, and Harper's Magazine.

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