Monday, September 17, 2007

Killing Print Newspapers: My Take

Just to make it clear, I don't endorse Sean Gallagher's provocative idea that college newspapers should shut down their print operations. Print college newspapers serve an important role on campus and I don't think the advertising dollars are adequate online yet to justify killing the paper product in most cases. (Bryan Murley makes some interesting points about this at on his Innovation in College Media site.)

However, I do think Gallagher has some good suggestions for rethinking our student media products and we all should be considering Web-first and Web-only publishing for a lot of different kinds of material.

For those of you who comment about this and other blog posts on the CMA listserv, I'd like to encourage you to post your comments here where they can be seen more widely. (To post a comment, simply hit the comments link below each story.) The listserv is a closed community, which is important for many discussions, but here you can discuss issues in the open not just with other advisers but with student journalists, who really need to be in on these debates.

It's been gratifying to see so much thoughtful discussion about this topic.

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