Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Next Newsroom Project completes plan

Chris O'Brien of The Next Newsroom Project reports that the board of The Chronicle, the independent, student-run newspaper at Duke University, has adopted the project's proposal for a new newsroom.

The plan is available here.

O'Brien, a business reporter at the San Jose Mercury News and Duke Chronicle alum, has served as the project manager for the endeavor. He reports that the concept approved by the Chronicle's board calls for:
  • A newsroom for a fully-integrated, multimedia news organization.
  • Adjacent space for a student media incubator.
  • The newsroom would be set in a larger media center, presumably shared by other student and academic groups.
  • A central location so the new building will be at the crossroads of campus life

The plan is the culmination of 18 months of work with support from a News Challenge grant from the Knight Foundation. O'Brien has chronicled the work on his blog with hopes of sharing knowledge with other student and professional media organizations.

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