Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Design handouts available for limited time only

The Society for News Design has posted on its Web site 12 free, downloadable handouts on design from the upcoming issue of Design Journal, the society's quarterly. The handouts, which make up a "training toolbox from the pros," will only be available on the site through June 15; after that you'll have to join SND to get them.

The handouts come from visual journalism experts from all over the globe, including:

The SND site is chock full of other handouts, videos, podcasts and other good stuff, too. Be sure to check out materials from the SND Boston Workshop.

Students interested in design should join the organization; membership for full-time students is only $55 a year ($45 for members of of a SND student affiliate).

UPDATE: See five more handouts in next post.

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