Wednesday, May 21, 2008

UWire names 100 top student journalists

UWIRE, a wire service and career networking site for college journalists, has announced the UWIRE 100, a list of the top 100 student journalists in the country.

The students were selected from 500 nominations submitted by editors, professors, advisers and colleagues from 132 schools.

"We created the UWIRE 100 because we knew we would never be able to just name, say, the top 20, or crown a single student 'the journalist of the year," Ben French, UWIRE general manager, said in a statement. "Each of these candidates boasts an honor-worthy resume and portfolio, as well as the esteem of colleagues and advisers."

For each student you can view a profile page that includes a photo, quotes from recommendation letters and samples of their work. Here are some examples:

The UWIRE 100 students come from 66 different schools, ranging from small liberal arts colleges such as Cabrini, Loras and Hamilton to large state universities, according to a FAQ page about the process.

Among the schools represented by multiple students are the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (five), Penn State University (four), the University of Iowa (four), the University of Florida (three), Syracuse University (three), Indiana University (three) and the University of Texas-Austin (three). Fifty-nine of the students were graduating seniors and three were freshmen.

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