Thursday, April 17, 2008

Check out UWIRE's campus safety project

UWIRE, a membership organization for college media that aggregates and distributes student-generated content, has put together an impressive package on campus safety around the country to mark the first anniversary of the Virginia Tech massacre.

The package, entitled "State of Alert: Campus Safety in the aftermath of Virginia Tech," includes stories, columns and video from The Collegiate Times at Virginia Tech, the Northern Star at Northern Illinois University (where a former student killed five students and wounded 16 before killing himself on Valentine's Day), and more than a dozen other student newspapers.

State of Alert demonstrates how powerful student media organizations can be when they work together. The package is far more comprehensive than anything a single student news organization could put together because it shows the repercussions the Virginia Tech shootings, in which 32 students and the shooter died, had around the country. The package touches on campus mental health services, security upgrades, gun control legislation, the effectiveness of lockdowns and other issues raised by the deadliest campus shooting spree in American history.

UWIRE, which is in the first phase of a relaunch, gathers, edits, and re-distributes student-created content culled from more than 800 student-run media outlets, according to the Web site's About page.

"The new is dedicated to collaborative journalism, created by and for media’s next generation of talent – whom we affectionately call “The Content Generation," the page says. "Our goal is to capture the collective intelligence of these aspiring media professionals and offer visitors a place to discover refined, quality user-generated content."


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spnessess said...

Its really a bad news. Anyway it demonstrates how the powerful student media can be.



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